What’s your return policy?

Most any product you order or purchase from us has been customized for you, after all we are a custom apparel shop. With that said we do not accept returns, we will however do everything we can to make you happy if you’re not satisfied with our products or services.

If you are unhappy with the product or service you have received we may offer a partial refund, new apparel at no charge if the apparel is the same, or discounts on different apparel. Refunds/Returns offered are at owner’s discretion. Your satisfaction is our goal!

Do you ship to Canada? How about Hawaii or Alaska?

We do not ship outside of the contiguous United States, however if your order is outside the contiguous United States but still a U.S. state we may offer shipping but at a higher rate than a typical shipment. We do not ship internationally.

Please contact us with any shipping questions or guarantees that are offered as rates and options change often.


Since 1997 S&S Custom Designs has been providing great quality apparel to the Cambria County, Somerset County, Bedford County, and Indiana County Areas, here is where you can find answers to common questions that you may have about our business.