Our story started way back in 1997 when our company was founded. It all started with a few thousand dollars, some old screen printing equipment, 23 years of screen printing experience, and a dream. Since our founding it has always been our goal to make every customer's experience simple and painless.


Our Greek lettering services started in 1997, just a few months after opening. A group of sorority girls brought us their Greek letters in hopes that we could sew them onto t-shirts. Since at the time our owner and founder had years of sewing experience this wasn't a problem for us. After getting a few more orders for Greek letter shirts we started to discover the true scope of the custom Greek lettered apparel market in our area and throughout the region. In order to meet the market's needs we created our own proprietary methods of producing completely custom Greek letter shirts. Our letter shirts are sewn by real people with traditional sewing machines, no embroidery machines and no simulated stitching. This by-hand method has always allowed us to make the most custom letters possible.


In 2009 we added in-house embroidery services to our custom services. We only use the best quality digitized designs created by our digitizer, we never use those out of the country digitizers that produce poor designs, we believe in quality first. Only our staff embroiders your items, we rarely outsource because that usually leaves quality to be desired and who knows when we'll have your order ready, our in-house embroidery is the way to go.


For years we relied upon an old Vastex press from the 1970's, well not anymore. We've updated our entire screen printing department; we use new emulsions, a new positive printer to print the best quality color separations, a new screen printing press, new aluminum and retensionable screen printing screens, a new dryer for curing ink, and even a new graphic design program that is state of the art. Our quality and speed has never been better.