Screen Printing

No set-up fees. No art fees. No screen fees. Printed in Johnstown, PA. 

Screen Printing is a great option for fundraiser t-shirts, business workwear, promotional give-a-ways, family reunions, and more!

Our screen printing services are top-notch and feature high quality designs created by our experienced artists or created by you. That's right we can use your own design to make the best custom t-shirts around. But if you're not the creative type our professionals can create your design for free with your order, we know what looks great, what works well, and what will overall be the best to make you look your best. We will work directly with you to create a design that you'll love.

What makes screen printing so great?

Long-Lasting Designs

Screen Printing designs can last for years with no visible cracking or wear, screen printing is the ultimate t-shirt design method.

Vibrancy and Color

Bright, opaque colors are achieved most easily with screen printing. While many companies offer DTG(direct to garment) printing we only offer the best, and the best is screen printing.

How does pricing work?

We want to give you the best value for your dollar and we always do! Our pricing is pretty simple and revolves around a few key details.

  1. Shirt Type: We offer many different types of shirts and other printable apparel. Basic Gildan t-shirts are the most affordable and the most popular. Shirts such as v-necks, fashion t-shirts, and long sleeve t-shirts cost more than the standard basic t-shirt.
  2. Shirt Color: The color of shirt you choose can be a large factor in determining your price. Dark shirts with light colored prints always cost more than light shirts with dark prints. Dark shirts with light colored prints cost more because printing on dark colors require us to use a design underbase print and a print-flash-print method, this way you are receiving a highly opaque print, otherwise your white design on your black shirt might look more like a fuzzy grey and that's simply not acceptable.
  3. Imprint Colors: The number of colors your screen print design has, the more expensive it will be to produce. When screen printing a four-color design four different screens are used to produce each color of your design. Each screen means that there will be more emulsion used to form your design on the screens, more ink on each shirt, more strokes on each shirt, and sometimes a flash curing to keep colors that have already been layed down looking great even after the next color is added.
  4. Quantity Needed: The number of items you need printed also affects your price. The rule of thumb is that the more you order the cheaper the cost of each item will be. The reason why more items equals a lower price per piece is for the fact that setting up a five-color design for six shirts takes the same amount of time as setting the same design up for 400 shirts. We have a low 12 piece minimum in place for our screen printing services in order to make your barrier to entry for custom shirts lower.

We do not charge any set-up or art fees with your order. So there's no worrying about hidden or surprise charges or fees.

What about using my own artwork?

If you have a design already created we'd love for you to send it to us. If you have questions about what art we can work with or need help with file conversions please call us or e-mail your questions to:

Be sure that your art does not contain any copyrighted material or that you have permission to use such copyrighted material from the rightful owner. We will not be held liable for any copyright claims made on artwork or designs that you bring to us.